The Best Gifts for Kids and Teens

Updated: Sep 17, 2019

Who hasn’t struggled to find out what the kids are into these days? Check out our top 10 ideas for presents for kids and teens:

1. Play tent - do you remember how fun play time was when you were a kid? Get your kid this fun play tent and watch them spend hours playing in it.

2. Cute shower cap - bath time can be made even more fun with this cute shower cap

3. Harry Potter gift set - what kid doesn’t love Harry Potter? This set will win over even the toughest Potterhead!

4. Reverse folding umbrella - this present is not only cool, but practical as well

5. Unicorn onesie - this onesie will charm any kid or teen

6. Unicorn slippers - if you are getting a unicorn onesie, why not get the accompanying unicorn clippers?

7. Pin set - get your kid a pin from their favorite movie, book or TV show

8. Straw floor cushion - teens love having their own space and a comfy floor cushion can be just what they need

9. Mini keyboard - this keyboard will definitely stir the artist in your child

10. Flip calendar - a calendar is as practical as it gets, but this one comes with a twist

11. Camping sticker pack - collecting stickers was one of my favorite activities as a child. Get you kid a sticker pack on a topic they love, whether it is camping, superheros, anime, etc.

12. Rose gold A5 diary - a diary is a wonderful gift for any kid

13. Rabbit wooden tray - make lunch that much more fun with this cute rabbit wooden tray

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