Best Products on the Internet to Spruce Up Your College Dorm Room

As somebody who is just finishing college, I know how challenging it can be to decorate your dorm room on a budget! On the one hand, you know you are living there only temporarily, but on the other, the boring walls and the basic furniture are killing your soul! Don’t worry, I created a list with my top items that were not only fun, but totally affordable!

1. Modular Wooden Shelving - shelves are one of those things that are practical, but boring as hell! Not these ones though! The design is unique and it really opens up the space!

2. Aluminium Laptop Stand - I resisted buying a laptop stand for a long time because after all, I had a desk. Well, guess what - I barely used that desk for studying and when I did it was the most uncomforable thing as it gave me horrible neck pain. When I finally got the laptop stand, my whole life changed, I kid you not!

3. Linen Yoga Mat - university is not only studying and partying! I tried to stay fit and flexible with some youtube yoga videos and this linen yoga mat save me from having to touch my nasty dorm floor too much

4. Boho Straw Floor Cushion - this cushion was not only a great addition to the room style-wise, but also my favourite spot for reading a book or talking on the phone

5. Small Tabletop Foosball Game - I got this foosball table with two of my flatmates and it brought us so much fun! We even organized foosball nights and used it to decide who does what choirs

6. Fairy Lights Photo Clip - avoid feeling too homesick by displaying photos of your family and friends in your room.

7. Soft Tassel Cushion Cover - these cushion covers are both soft and cozy

8. Laundry Basket - instead of having your dirty laudry lying on the floor everywhere, simulate being a grown-up with this cute laundry basket

9. Poster - sometimes posters can be pricey, but not this one!

10. Party Music Lightbulb Speaker - start the party with this this cool lightbulb speaker

11. Aroma diffuser - this aroma diffuser is a wonderful addition to any room and can ease the exam stress

12. Cactus Neon Lamp - this neon lamp will give your room some character

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