Gift Ideas for Techies

We all have at least one friend who is obsessed with the newest technology. If you are not sure what to get them, check out our top 10 gift ideas for techies below:

1. Bluetooth Headband Headphones - who hasn’t found it difficult to find the right jogging headphones? What about a wireless headband with integrated headphones?

2. Power Napping Travel Pillow - having a power nap while travelling can be a life-saviour

3. Sofa Armrest Organizer - this organizer would be particularly liked by anybody who can never find the TV remote

4. Party Music Lightbulb Speaker - start the party with this this cool lightbulb speaker

5. Micro Camera - this is one of the smallest cameras on the market

6. LED Digital Clock - this can serve as both a clock and a decoration

7. Bamboo Docking Station - a docking station is a necessity for any techie

8. Window Solar Charger - use the power of the solar to charge your phone

9. Suede Laptop Cover Case - this combines practicality and style

10. Ultra Thin Wireless Charger - this practical gift can save your techie friend lots of time looking for their charger

11. Instant Photo Printer - print photos instantly with this futuristic photo printer

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