The 10 Best Halloween Costumes for Women from AliExpress (2019 Edition)

Updated: Oct 15, 2019

Halloween is a wonderful holiday that most of us love, but when it comes to picking a costume, it can be a hassle. Not to mention how expensive costumes can get, even if you rent them! Don't worry, we have selected out top 10 picks for halloween costumes for women from AliExpress. They are all affordable options and will make your holiday that little bit more spooky!

1. Black Angel Costume - a black angel costume is a Halloween classic! It combines scary and fun and brings out the goth that is hiding in every one of us.

2. Aquaman Mera Queen Costume - each year there is a Halloween costume based on the blockbuster of the year. In 2018 it was Wonder Woman and in 2019 it is Mera from Aquaman.

3. Alice In Wonderland Costume - Alice in Wonderland is another effortless costume

4. Maleficent Costume - Maleficent combines both evil and good nature in one Disney character

5. Mermaid Costume - if you prefer more magical creatures, then a mermaid costume is for you

6. Elsa from Frozen Costume - this Halloween costume brings another Disney character to life plus it includes the platinum blonde wig!

7. Super Mario Costume - who of us hasn't spent hours playing Super Mario? Show your love for the game with this fun Super Mario Women's Costume

8. Pocahontas Costume - revive the 90s classic Pocahontas with this gorgeous replica of her dress and jewellery

9. Belle Princess Dress from Beauty and the Beast - Belle is one of the most relatable Disney female characters and her yellow dress is to die for!

10. Catwoman Costume - a catwoman costume is such an old-time classic and it is only 10.95 Euro!

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