The Best Shower Filters on Amazon

Who here has moved to a new city or country and discovered that they hair is now all of a sudden frizzy or greasy and their skin is dull or dry? Raise your hand, sister, so I can see you and help you because trust me: I have been in your shoes! When I first moved to Berlin, I discovered that my hair not only looked differently but now it feels like straw. My skin was dry and flaky and I couldn't figure out what was causing it!

I kept telling myself that maybe the stress of the move or the change of weather was the reason and I need to be patient and I will disappear by itself. But it just never did! My friends had similar problems, but the other extreme - greasy hair and oily skin. Ugh, am I right?

Things started clicking when I moved to London and the same thing happened again. At the time I was living in a dorm with a shared bathroom and one of the girls (my angel guardian that is) suggested that we all pool money and get a shower filter. I wasn't super keen on the idea as money was tight at the time, but I though why not.

Once the shower filter arrived from Amazon, it took us 5 min to install it and then the magic happened! You know all these silly shampoo ads with the girls laughing and their hair flowing in the air and birds singing? I kid you not, that was us! That night we went out partying and I have never had so much confidence from something as simple as my hair not looking frizzy.

So, some years after I have had my fair share of experience with different shower filters from different brands and here are my top 3 suggestions:

#1 Not sure about this whole shower-filter-bonanza? Start here:

Look, I get it, a shower filter makes sense, but having money to pay rent and buy food makes even more sense. A shower filter is not something you HAVE to have but if you want to spend as little as possible, this is where you start.

This 7 Euro shower filter head is a great place to start if you are not sure if a shower filter is for you. The little balls inside absorb chlorine and other harmful substances. In addition, you can adjust the spray settings, just the way you would with a normal shower head.

#2 Ok, you believe in the power of a shower filter. Where to find a good one?

This is the shower filter I have. From my experience, this shower filter combines better performance than the previous one but for a higher price. It is usually around the 20-Euro mark and removes chlorine, ammonia, heavy metals (lead, mercury, nickel, chromium), bacteria, pesticides, and inhibits the growth of algae, fungi, and mold. The installation is slightly different than the previous shower head, but equally as easy. You can connect this filter before your shower hose (as I do) or if you have a rainfall shower head, before it.

#3 I love shower filters and I want to splurge!

Now, this is a shower filter I had once after testing it in an AirBnB we were renting out and it was a gift from my amazing boyfriend. It is definitely on the pricey side, but the good thing is that you can change it every 6 months, up to a year! Also, at 40 pounds it is far from being the most expensive shower filter you can find on Amazon (I am talking about you 400-pounds reverse osmosis filter monstrosity!). This brand is targeted especially at those of us with sensitive skin and it has multiple layers of filters the water goes through before it reaches your beautiful face! So if it is in your budget, definitely go for this one! And if not: Christmas is coming!

What is your experience with shower filters? Have you tried any and which one is your favourite? Let me know and let's have a chat about it!

(Oh and psst... if you are a curly girl, check out my other post about products for curly hair!)